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Welcome to MMXVDB.COM

I'm Dan (MMXVDB) I'm based in Derbyshire, UK and here is where I share samples of my music and art.

Fan-Art & Original Art
Inspired by Vaun Wilmott's "Dominion", this site was originally created in 2015 to act as a hub / one-stop collective of fan-art work I make in my downtime.
Featuring mixed media combinations of traditional pencil sketch and digital-art work, I hope you like my original art pieces too.

Having performed weekly as an entertainer for over 20 years and "calling it a day" back in 2011 after the theft of my gear, I've found my passion in music again! 
I hope you like the sound of what I get up to when "I chill out"!  See Downloads for further details.

Buy / Shout Me A Coffee!
You can now show your support and love for my work via the Paypal link on the right.  It only takes a few seconds to 'Shout me a coffee' and will be greatly appreciated!


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