I'm MMXVDB and I'm a photographer based in the UK.


In my downtime (!) I enjoy making digital art and music.

Inspired by Writer / Producer Vaun Wilmott's incredible TV series "Dominion", I created a website to host my fan-art, encompassing original art and mixed media creations (pencil sketch, digital art).

In recent years I've used Genius and Nisis drawing tablets for digital art-work.  Presently I'm using the XP-Pen Graphical Display tablet.  


This is the third incarnation of the original website, now including some of my own (light-hearted) synth keyboard music arrangements.


Thank you for visiting.




All art-work and music (work) created by MMXVDB. 
Work featured on this web-site © MMXVDB 2015-2020.  All Rights Reserved.
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