Something a little different... instead of fan-art, for this year my contribution to #DOMINIONDAY2021 was an original piece fan-track video tribute titled "Archangel - The Empyrean Mix" - see Youtube video below. 


Due to a family loss, personal health issues and simply getting through the pandemic, adapting to the "new way of life" and uncertainty, very little attention was offered in the way of contribution towards 'DominionDay2020', which is why I was determined to make up for and contribute something really special for #DOMINIONDAY2021.

Vaun Wilmott's TV series DOMINION made a big impact on me and I hoped that by planning long in advance, my overall "goal" would be achieved in plenty of time (before June 2021!)

The initial idea was to make one original music fan-track with fan-video featuring clips from the Dominion TV series and a streamed live performance.  

Having dusted off my old music keyboards and rekindled my familiarity with various owned music software, enthusiasm was high and my Dominion tribute fan-track musical journey began July 2020. 


Back in 2019, I'd previously experimented on and arranged a few short tracks, one of which had the potential to be something bigger.  With the arrangement chosen to form the basis of what Archangel was going to become, the Covid lockdown helped with the time available to (do some work around the house!) rehearse and practice primarily on Archangel sometimes from morning to night during the Summer weekdays, then four to five nights a week, right up to December.  

Throughout December to middle of February 2021, the Archangel project had now expanded; with influences from 80's pop music to 007 James Bond and Game of Thrones style music arrangements, I made several tracks, enough material to fill an album+, as well as 'nearly complete' accompanying videos made with clips from Dominion. 


Unfortunately, disaster struck and I was left with a big dead hard drive, lost all the video edits and consequently no means of finishing off the video part of the project as intended.

I don't know why but I tend to go through "new" PCs almost every couple of years and they really aren't cheap to fix!!!  It's fair to say keeping a couple of the old W7 PC's around was more than a bit of a lifesaver and really helped me get out of a pickle or two, but you really notice the differences speed wise with the older beasts!

Over the next three months, I had time to rethink how I would complete the project and add video;  video was initially fundamental to the original plan but I was now prepared for changes to be made, given the older PC systems being used were not geared towards video editing.  Ultimately, decided to focus on the music first, videos another time.

The other music tracks will likely be shared in the not to distant future but I'm in no rush to finish...  This is because although I finished off many additional tracks, I wasn't "completely satisfied" with the end results of the three music track mixes finalized, uploaded and shared in .FLAC and .MP3 audio format, shared for #DOMINIONDAY2021.  For instance, the mastering could be better. 

Alas, there was no music video or streamed performance, instead choosing to share some previously made Dominion Tribute videos for #DominionDay2021.  

My Archangel project started many months prior to #DOMINIONDAY2021 and even though there were (quite a few) ups and downs towards the end, the journey was of course absolutely worth it.  

In July 2021, I secured another PC to work with, finding time to have a little fun entering a music competition as well as play with a new video editor!  I set-up the Forasure site and Youtube channel, the handle Forasure chosen to be known by for my musical creations!  

So nearly a year to the day having started what is essentially a hobby project, I decided to leave out / drop two of the initial Archangel music tracks and slightly re-arrange the original track, crafting carefully chosen clips via for an original accompanying video, Archangel - The Empyrean Mix, uploaded to Youtube on August 2nd 2021.


So finally, here is my music arrangement and video inspired by DOMINION for #DOMINIONDAY2021 😊