See below for a couple of reduced size Dominion fan-art pieces I've now completed... took three years, but I managed to get there!

Short story, never got around to finishing but now I have.


The following link will *hopefully take you to a third-party gallery featuring variations of the below fan-art in a larger format. 

Once there, click on an image to view / download. 

*Free site and usually pretty good uptime, but sometimes there's site maintenance, etc


Dominion Poster - MMXVDB

Dominion Poster - MMXVDB


 And here are small examples of the variations I'm talking about:




Why so many you might say?  Well, the process I've always taken  after I make a fan-art piece (since 2015) is to create several variations, then finally choose the one I like the most to upload before I eventually delete the rest.