Legends of Tomorrow Contest

No stranger to DC's Legends of Tomorrow fan-art, the following entries were submitted to the poster "contest" organised by the series Writers Room (October 2018).

I'm not exactly a fan of art "contests" but my step-daughter wanted me to enter, she isn't on Twitter so....

Chatting about the series, its characters and stories were quite inspiring; we actually had a good laugh during the process of making these fan-arts, focusing on Heatwave / Mick Rory for many of the posters and building around him - especially in the "Rory Theory" where his actual stance just had to be as over-the-top as the rest of the scene.   

Of course finishing a poster has its rewards.  Most of all, I got to spend some quality time with my step-daughter and have a good laugh.
With no limit for poster submissions, entered the ones below but being fans of the show could have easily submitted quite a few more! 

At the very least I hope the posters encouraged more contributions - after my early submissions (from what I'd seen) others posters were great and fun, just like the show! 

All good fun.

"Time Drive" poster
"Buck" poster 
80s style poster
Halloween theme poster 
LoT Old skool & digital mixed media
"Rory Theory" I & II
"Dropping in" posters
Graphite & Digital poster 

"Time Drive"
This poster below actually started out as nine individual character fan-arts when my daughter said "IT'S TAKING TOO LONG!!!"
So, all reduced and combined into one poster, new background.
Ta Da:

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - MMXVDB

Some details.... you'll see in some of the posters the tag-line "Get Ready To Do Some Time".  Every season has a new tagline!

Below, have added Beebo... if you don't know, he's the blue fluffy character and have added some show related inclusions that would (hopefully) stand out to fans and mean absolutely nothing-at-all to non-fans...
This is the "Buck" poster.  See what I did there?

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - MMXVDB

80s style
Inspired by Close Encounters and themes in the show, added lights, "anachronisms" and included a character not featured in the 'official' TV posters... so here, "Gideon" (the A.I. onboard the Wave Rider ship) is placed left right and centre, above and below, and then some.  
So a bit 80s-ish fan-art style poster:

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - MMXVDB

A "Halloween" themed poster... moon, bats, eyes in the trees.... a unicorn...

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - MMXVDB

LoT Old skool & digital mixed media
Below, a mixture of ideas: old-skool, scanned and digital art to finish.
DC's Legends of Tomorrow - MMXVDB

"Rory Theory" I
Set out to do some "legends" posters a little different, these are the results:
One of my Twitter followers actually commented that these were "bonkers".

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - MMXVDB

"Rory Theory" II
DC's Legends of Tomorrow - MMXVDB

"Dropping in"
If you look very, very closely below.... that's John Constantine with the parachute!
DC's Legends of Tomorrow - MMXVDB

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - MMXVDB

Graphite & Digital poster
Below, another old-skool and digital art mix.  Mick doing what he does best as Heatwave, top centre.  Bottom left Nate (Citizen Steel).   
DC's Legends of Tomorrow - MMXVDB

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