Celebrate Dominion Day 2018

You've probably worked out what #DOMINIONDAY is all about!

But if you're unfamiliar with the reason...

Dominion, a high quality production TV drama was sadly cancelled after only two series.
Loyal fans continue to celebrate the show with daily dedication, love and appreciation via social media.
#DominionDay *celebrates the premier date - every year on the 19th June marks "X" years since the premier and hopefully year-on-year will be as fun and successful as previous #DominionDay's 

*meme image, video, GIFs, etc., typically humorous in nature, as well as episode re-watch and everything related to #Dominion.

Sample selection of my Dominion art: LINK

#DominionDay has been great fun and can be a wonderful opportunity for FANS to acknowledge and tribute all the cast, production crew, writers and EVERYONE related to Dominionon June 19th #DominionDay.

One of the best original Sci-Fi drama series in years:  DOMINION. 

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